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Buying Office Furniture – It’s not a pizza…It’s a PROCESS

It’s not a pizza…It’s a process

One of the first questions my clients usually ask me is “how long will it take till I get my furniture”. My typical answer is “it depends on how long it takes you to make a decision”. You are probably thinking that’s a snarky wiseass response but the truth is ordering office furniture, especially workstations is not like ordering a pizza.   You just don’t call in, ask for an office full of furniture and 30 minutes later it arrives.   Most of my clients take 3-4 weeks from first contact to approved order. Getting the right furniture for your office is a process. With some faith and trust in an experienced sales consultant the process can be smooth and stress free.

Below is a typical time frame process for outfitting a new office space :

Day 1: The potential client makes first contact either by phone, by email or in person. We feel each other out and I ask lots of questions to get an idea of what you think you might want to put in your office space.

Day 2-3: Either the client provides a floor plan with accurate dimensions of the walls, doorways, windows etc or I go to the clients space and take my own measurements.

Day 4-5: The floor plan is redrawn to scale using industry specific software and one or two furniture layouts are designed and emailed to the client.

Day 6: Client reviews the layouts and suggests any changes

Day 7: Floor plans are re-drawn and returned to client for final approval along with a quote for the furniture and materials suggested.

Day 8-9: Client reviews final floor plans and quote. Additional changes are made based on budget or last minute considerations.

Day 10:   Client meeting to look at color options for fabrics, laminates, trim etc.

Day 10-11: After finalizing the order a deposit is given. If I am working off the clients floor plan a field inspection is scheduled to verify all dimensions.

Day 11-12: A purchase order is placed with the manufacturer.

As you can see it takes a minimum of 2 business weeks from start to finish. This assumes everything happens in 1 day on the clients end. In reality it takes an average of 3 days for the client to take the ball and move it forward at each step thus the 3-4 week average time from first contact to the order being placed.

Getting back to the question of “when will I get my furniture”. I can turn an instock order in 5 days (1-2 days on small orders) or a special order in 3 weeks but it almost never happens that way. The moral of the story is GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME !

Steve Fink aka JOE DESK


One of my sales people told me about a conversation with one of his customers. The customer was looking at a nice used wood desk and he was concerned because it had some signs of ware, a scratch here, a blemish there. The salesman said “don’t think of it as a used desk. Think of it as experienced as in you are experienced”.

In this case the client was an attorney. The salesman asked “do you want your potential clients to think you just passed the bar exam or do you want them to think you have been practicing for many years?”

A used piece has character. It tells a story. It has a history. It says “I am experienced, I am reliable and I know what I am doing”

A used desk may not be right for all businesses but in this case the attorney purchased the desk with character. Oh, and he also saved a boat load of money.

To find your new or used desk, chair, file or conference table check out our website or stop in our huge showroom in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Tell em JOE DESK sent you.


What Has Joe Desk Been Up to Lately?

Making a Pinterest account!




Check it out here and see all the cool things Joe has added.

Pinterest account is similar to actual website. All links are included.



Check Out the New Joe!

new joe

The newest addition to the Joe Desk family is this mahogany L-shape desk with a hutch and your choice of a left or right return. Priced at $798.00. NEW furniture sold at a USED price!

30″ x 66″ desk

24″ x 42″ return

Call or come in today to learn more about L-Shape Joe!

856-439-9500/ 2080 Springdale Rd (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Do You Know What an SOB is?

Son of a Boss!!!

Joe Desk attended a great networking event this morning at Ponzio’s in Cherry Hill. BizGen2 and Saint Joseph’s University presented an informative seminar about Continuing Your Entrepreneurial Legacy- Family Business. Not only did we enjoy a delicious breakfast, but we learned how to manage a family business and all about the new business: BizGen2. BizGen2 is founded by Steve Wolf and it’s a membership organization where family-owned businesses in South Jersey can go for education, support, assistance and more. Being a family-owned business itself, Joe Desk really enjoyed this event and wants to thank everyone for coming out.

Did we mention that we got to meet the Mayor of Cherry Hill?! Mayor Chuck Cahn was a beautiful speaker and intelligent individual who is just the right man for the job of running Cherry Hill. Joe Desk hopes to attend more BizGen2 events this year!

What’s Happening in 2014

2014 is officially here! After almost a week into the new year, Joe Desk has decided to reflect over the past year. 2013 was a great year for us! We just want to give a personal thanks to every customer that made our year a successful and happy one.

A new year means new furniture including chairs, desks, filing cabinets, bookcases, conference tables and many more! Check out what’s in store for Joe Desk by viewing our online gallery or coming in to see the pieces in action. We are located in the heart of Cherry Hill, NJ right on Springdale Road. Our 25,000 square foot location offers both new and used office furniture for every client’s need. You can’t beat our low prices and excellent customer service! Help make 2014 just as great as last year by letting Office Furniture Outlet (OFO) be the source of all your office needs.

We The People…

We the People…


We the people demand that our elected officials manage our State, Counties and Cities the same way that we manage our small businesses and treat every dollar as if it is coming out of their own pocket, not ours.


I have a small idea with great possibilities.


The State and its municipalities are always buying office furniture.  Why don’t you mandate that a percentage of the State’s budget that goes to the different municipalities be used to purchase used office furniture?  Lets start with 25% of the expenditure.  A new 5 drawer lateral file costs almost $1000.  The same file in the same or better quality sells for about $300.  You just saved the taxpayer $700.  The average savings on new vs. used is 70%.


I know this is just a grain of sand in the entire budget but it sets a precedent that you are serious about saving and cutting back on spending. The idea can be expanded. First furniture, then other equipment and then possibly vehicles.  I have never purchased a brand new truck for my business.  I buy vehicles that are 2 to 3 years old, well maintained and coming off lease.  I save thousands.


It’s not just about the money saved.  By repurposing older equipment you are keeping scrap out of the landfills.  You are recycling.  Now that’s a buzzword you can get behind during your next press conference.


What about jobs?  Using the office furniture example, a majority of the furniture being sold today comes from China.  Even if it is made in the USA it probably is not made in your State.  If you buy from a local dealer the money stays here.  The jobs stay here.






It’s a win –win for everyone!


Steve Fink

Small Business Owner & buyer of used office furniture in NJ



Office Chairs

Office Chairs Support Your Most Important Money Makers:  

Your Employees

Although it may seem daunting, shopping for good, quality office furniture is a must.  A Staples Advantage survey from early 2011 found 86% of office workers reported discomfort from office equipment, and almost 50% said they would be more productive with a more comfortable workspace.

When small business owners purchase office furniture they are doing more than simply stocking workspaces with chairs, desks and files – they are investing in employee productivity.

Companies can create healthier and more productive workspaces – “the goal of ergonomics” – with upgrades to office furniture.[1]

Some things to consider before shopping are whether you would like new or used office chairs. We go over the pros and cons of each in Desks For Dummies, by Joe Desk. You should also consider whether using a broker or dealer would be the best choice to assist you in this purchase and we will go in to that in another article coming soon.

When you do get out to look, there are some key features that you’re going to want to keep in mind. This week, we’ll focus on office chairs because, if you work in an office, chances are you will spend much of your workday, five days a week, sitting in a chair.

Chair Buying Do’s & Don’ts

Every manufacturer is trying to reinvent the wheel coming up with some wild features. Have you seen the office chairs that give you a vibrating massage? Don’t be fooled by all the bells and whistles. Most of these features never get used. Some of the ergonomic features and benefits you will find are listed below.

The most important features are underlined:

Height adjustment: Most chairs adjust up and down by pulling up on a lever under the seat

Arm adjustments: Adjustable arm height, width, pivot and arm tilt

Tilt chair: Some but not all office chairs are designed to rock back and forth.

Tilt lock: Keeps the chair locked in an upright position

Forward tilt: Allows the chair to lean forward at a 15 degree angle

Lumbar Adjustment: A separate adjustable cushion in the lumbar area of the seat back

Seat tilt: Adjusts seat angle

Back tilt: Adjusts back angle

Seat slide: Allows seat to slide forward and back

Memory Foam: Upgraded foam padding

Mesh back: Very popular and comfortable. Our best selling style of office chair in NJ

Seat back adjustment: Can be ratchet style which can be adjusted while being seated or a knob adjustment requiring the user to get up to adjust[2]

This checklist is a great starting point when beginning your search for office chairs and ergonomically designed workspaces.  Or just call us! We are Office Furniture Outlet, the Home of JOE DESK, South Jersey’s best family operated office furniture dealer serving anyone looking for new or used office furniture in NJ or within a two hour drive of our South Jersey location. Visit us on the web at or or call us at 856-439-9500.

[1] – Feb/Mar 2012

[2] Desks For Dummies, by Joe Desk


The new home of JOE DESK

Our move is complete.  Now you can see 25,000 square feet of new and used office furniture all under one roof.  We know we have the overall best prices, largest selection and most organized showroom within a 2 hours ride in any direction of our new showroom.  No wonder 1/3 of our customers come from more than an hour away.

Easy to get to, only a mile from Exit 4 on the New Jersey Turnpike.  2080 Springdale Rd. in Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

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Watch for our offer on Groupon coming soon.

When you need furniture for your office you have to check us out. Come for the price, come for the selection, come for the service, or just come for the experience.

Joe Desk is on the move

Have you heard the news?  Joe Desk is moving to a new bigger and better location.  We just signed a lease on Springdale Rd. in Cherry Hill, NJ for a 27,000 sq ft combination showroom and warehouse.  In the Spring of 2011 we will be moving our RT 73 Showroom & our Mt. Laurel warehouse all under one roof.

No more traveling between the 2 locations to see everything we have to offer in both NEW & USED Office Furniture.  One stop shopping is what I’m talking about.  And wait to you see the size of this place.  If you can’t find what your looking for here then you probably can’t  find it anywhere.

We are still going to be only a couple miles off exit 4 of the NJPK so if your coming from a distance we are easy to find.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our website: or  for more information.  You can also go to our website and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.