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Office Chairs

April 12, 2012

Office Chairs Support Your Most Important Money Makers:  

Your Employees

Although it may seem daunting, shopping for good, quality office furniture is a must.  A Staples Advantage survey from early 2011 found 86% of office workers reported discomfort from office equipment, and almost 50% said they would be more productive with a more comfortable workspace.

When small business owners purchase office furniture they are doing more than simply stocking workspaces with chairs, desks and files – they are investing in employee productivity.

Companies can create healthier and more productive workspaces – “the goal of ergonomics” – with upgrades to office furniture.[1]

Some things to consider before shopping are whether you would like new or used office chairs. We go over the pros and cons of each in Desks For Dummies, by Joe Desk. You should also consider whether using a broker or dealer would be the best choice to assist you in this purchase and we will go in to that in another article coming soon.

When you do get out to look, there are some key features that you’re going to want to keep in mind. This week, we’ll focus on office chairs because, if you work in an office, chances are you will spend much of your workday, five days a week, sitting in a chair.

Chair Buying Do’s & Don’ts

Every manufacturer is trying to reinvent the wheel coming up with some wild features. Have you seen the office chairs that give you a vibrating massage? Don’t be fooled by all the bells and whistles. Most of these features never get used. Some of the ergonomic features and benefits you will find are listed below.

The most important features are underlined:

Height adjustment: Most chairs adjust up and down by pulling up on a lever under the seat

Arm adjustments: Adjustable arm height, width, pivot and arm tilt

Tilt chair: Some but not all office chairs are designed to rock back and forth.

Tilt lock: Keeps the chair locked in an upright position

Forward tilt: Allows the chair to lean forward at a 15 degree angle

Lumbar Adjustment: A separate adjustable cushion in the lumbar area of the seat back

Seat tilt: Adjusts seat angle

Back tilt: Adjusts back angle

Seat slide: Allows seat to slide forward and back

Memory Foam: Upgraded foam padding

Mesh back: Very popular and comfortable. Our best selling style of office chair in NJ

Seat back adjustment: Can be ratchet style which can be adjusted while being seated or a knob adjustment requiring the user to get up to adjust[2]

This checklist is a great starting point when beginning your search for office chairs and ergonomically designed workspaces.  Or just call us! We are Office Furniture Outlet, the Home of JOE DESK, South Jersey’s best family operated office furniture dealer serving anyone looking for new or used office furniture in NJ or within a two hour drive of our South Jersey location. Visit us on the web at or or call us at 856-439-9500.

[1] – Feb/Mar 2012

[2] Desks For Dummies, by Joe Desk


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  1. I highly prioritize lumbar adjustments on any type of office chair I buy. Right now I’m considering the Flash Furniture executive high back – according to this blog I read ( it’s the second best model to buy right after this DXRacer “gaming chair”. I wonder what you think?

    • I have very few customers coming in and asking specifically for gaming chairs so I do not have any specific recommendations. We sell a number of ergonomic chairs that would be suitable. Most of these are mesh back. Some customers are concerned about sitting for long periods of time in a leather chair especially if they are wearing shorts since your skin would tend to stick to the material and cause sweating. I am familiar with the Flash Seating. It is a budget chair so I would be cautious of extensive use and also the weight of the user can be a factor. It may be rated for 250 lbs however in the long run these budget chairs may not hold up. Then again at that price point replacing the chair after a year or two of use might be acceptable. If money is not the determining factor you might want to look at some of the Eurotech chairs such as the Ergohuman or the Ioo. Good Luck.

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