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We The People…

April 26, 2012

We the People…


We the people demand that our elected officials manage our State, Counties and Cities the same way that we manage our small businesses and treat every dollar as if it is coming out of their own pocket, not ours.


I have a small idea with great possibilities.


The State and its municipalities are always buying office furniture.  Why don’t you mandate that a percentage of the State’s budget that goes to the different municipalities be used to purchase used office furniture?  Lets start with 25% of the expenditure.  A new 5 drawer lateral file costs almost $1000.  The same file in the same or better quality sells for about $300.  You just saved the taxpayer $700.  The average savings on new vs. used is 70%.


I know this is just a grain of sand in the entire budget but it sets a precedent that you are serious about saving and cutting back on spending. The idea can be expanded. First furniture, then other equipment and then possibly vehicles.  I have never purchased a brand new truck for my business.  I buy vehicles that are 2 to 3 years old, well maintained and coming off lease.  I save thousands.


It’s not just about the money saved.  By repurposing older equipment you are keeping scrap out of the landfills.  You are recycling.  Now that’s a buzzword you can get behind during your next press conference.


What about jobs?  Using the office furniture example, a majority of the furniture being sold today comes from China.  Even if it is made in the USA it probably is not made in your State.  If you buy from a local dealer the money stays here.  The jobs stay here.






It’s a win –win for everyone!


Steve Fink

Small Business Owner & buyer of used office furniture in NJ



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