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Buying Office Furniture – It’s not a pizza…It’s a PROCESS

October 30, 2015

It’s not a pizza…It’s a process

One of the first questions my clients usually ask me is “how long will it take till I get my furniture”. My typical answer is “it depends on how long it takes you to make a decision”. You are probably thinking that’s a snarky wiseass response but the truth is ordering office furniture, especially workstations is not like ordering a pizza.   You just don’t call in, ask for an office full of furniture and 30 minutes later it arrives.   Most of my clients take 3-4 weeks from first contact to approved order. Getting the right furniture for your office is a process. With some faith and trust in an experienced sales consultant the process can be smooth and stress free.

Below is a typical time frame process for outfitting a new office space :

Day 1: The potential client makes first contact either by phone, by email or in person. We feel each other out and I ask lots of questions to get an idea of what you think you might want to put in your office space.

Day 2-3: Either the client provides a floor plan with accurate dimensions of the walls, doorways, windows etc or I go to the clients space and take my own measurements.

Day 4-5: The floor plan is redrawn to scale using industry specific software and one or two furniture layouts are designed and emailed to the client.

Day 6: Client reviews the layouts and suggests any changes

Day 7: Floor plans are re-drawn and returned to client for final approval along with a quote for the furniture and materials suggested.

Day 8-9: Client reviews final floor plans and quote. Additional changes are made based on budget or last minute considerations.

Day 10:   Client meeting to look at color options for fabrics, laminates, trim etc.

Day 10-11: After finalizing the order a deposit is given. If I am working off the clients floor plan a field inspection is scheduled to verify all dimensions.

Day 11-12: A purchase order is placed with the manufacturer.

As you can see it takes a minimum of 2 business weeks from start to finish. This assumes everything happens in 1 day on the clients end. In reality it takes an average of 3 days for the client to take the ball and move it forward at each step thus the 3-4 week average time from first contact to the order being placed.

Getting back to the question of “when will I get my furniture”. I can turn an instock order in 5 days (1-2 days on small orders) or a special order in 3 weeks but it almost never happens that way. The moral of the story is GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME !

Steve Fink aka JOE DESK

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